ENGR 056 Modeling and Optimization

ENGR 030 Computational Optics

ENGR 019 Numerical Methods for Engineering Applications

ENGR 012 Linear Physical Systems Analysis

ENGR 015a Digital Systems and Computer Engineering Fundamentals

ENGR 015b Design of Digital and Embedded Systems


Our lab is involved in various outreach efforts to underrepresented groups in engineering.

We’ve played with waveguides created from Jell-O:

And participated in panels:

And presented at the Reverse Science Fair where we were graded by middle school judges:

I host an annual workshop at Swarthmore College to help students apply to summer research opportunities. Please email me for more information if you are a current Swarthmore undergraduate!

I taught in the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program in summer 2015, an intensive 7-week computer science course for 20 rising high school junior and senior girls. We were hosted by Square. One of the final projects completed by the girls is a game called Boba Buddies:


Our lab in interested in exploring traditional craft practices such as sewing, weaving, and bookbinding. We explore three different directions:

Crafting is Engineering. The study of traditional craft practices as engineering examples.

Computational Craft. The interplay of craft and modern engineering/computer-aided approaches.

Pedagogical Tool. Teaching craft practices as a gateway to studying engineering, especially for underrepresented groups.